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Originally Posted by Zero° View Post
Yeah, I'm not very good with effects anymore xD;
Thanks for the CnC though, I'll definitely keep that in mind. For the C4D, I always think of it as one behind the focal and one in front of it, which is why I didn't erase any of the wavy lines where you had suggested.

Uhhh, 2 new tags. I'm not too sure about these, just trying something new. I really wanna learn some different styles because I've been doing a lot of stuff like this and I'm getting bored with it. I mean I like it but I don't want it to the same format everytime I make a tag lol.

but as I said:

^this is the one I'm looking CnC for, mostly. Like I said I want to try a different style focusing on effects more, unlike my usual tags which are mostly depth and lighting. I like it but eh, there's no such thing as "perfect" in the world of graphic design. So yeah, CnC please?
Ah, school. Understandable. Don't worry about it. ;p

anyway, I'm on phone so imma keep it short this time. Pertaining to the second tag - i love it. The effects are well done (smudging?), lighting is good and the blending is really nice as well. The only thing that, kind of, gets in the way of it being a perfect tag is the text, imo. It looks out of place at the bottom. Font choice doesn't work either. Tbh, positioning text near the edges or corners is never a good idea, imo. Those positions just don't work.

As for the first one...I'd say that it suffers from the same problem as some of your previous works - going overboard with blending, I mean. Might just be the fact that I'm on phone or idk but it is sort of hard to make out what actually is going on in the tag. The effects really match the render, I'll give you that, but the tag just looks sort of messy overall, imo. ;[
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