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    Pokemon Draconite

    Hey guys, I'm Dradier, creator of Pokemon Chaos Mind! A month ago, something happened to my RMXP software, and it stopped working and kept crashing, so I quit on all my RMXP projects and started using RMVX Ace. Now, I got my RMXP fixed, so I'm back to Pokemon game developing! So, I present you... Pokemon Draconite! I just started this project, so I don't have very much information in my thread.

    It was 10 years before Ash became traveled around the Pokemon World. There was a young eager for adventure kid, who loved exploring wildlife and cared about Pokémon, he was a 17 year old boy, his name, was Steven...

    Yes, Steven, the future 27 year old champion of Hoenn, but before.. have you heard of Stevens life before he became a champion? He was born and lived in the small islands of Draconia, a island far away. It was a peaceful island, with a small population, beautiful landscapes, a island full of nature. The Draconian Islands consisted of 4 gyms, 4 islands, controlled by 4 powerful gym leaders, 4 powerful rulers, the gym leaders were nicknamed the Draconean 4.
    And the strongest of them all, was Lukas, the Champion of Draconia.

    As a young, boy, Steven always wanted to be like his dad, Mark, but Mark was the Champion of Hoenn, so they lived far apart. Steven would help Detective Reagan, track down and stop Team Rocket, a evil organization at its early stages back then. He would conquer all 4 gym leaders of Draconia and then get a permit to skip the 4 first gym leaders of Hoenn to advance and face Mark, the champion.

    His dream quickly changed as his ultimate goal was now to beat all 4 of the gym leaders, proving his specialty with is Pokémon.

    Rivals: Wallace
    Wallace was Steven's rival and was very competitive. Wallace trained mostly water types.

    A whole new region
    over 200 Pokemon from gen 1-5!
    discover Steven!
    Mystery gift
    much more to come!



    Plotter and Storyliner (8 spots available)
    Lead tester for spelling, map errors or bugs (0 spots available)
    Testers for spelling, map errors, and bugs (7 spots available)
    Lead spriter and artist (1 spot available)
    Spriters and artists (7 spots available)
    Mappers (19 spots available)
    Eventers (9 spots available)
    Lead scripter (1 spot available)
    Scripters (4 spots available)
    Supporters Unlimited
    Contact me for more information. If you want to lead a subject, you have to be advanced at it.

    Why am I hiring or recruiting so many people? Because I want my team to be big and successful, and so big that we can make a forum for us to chat. Also, we can get jobs finished quicker and better.


    Dradier: Project founder and owner, lead mapper, lead eventer, lead storyliner, recolorer, director
    Blazing Inferno: Tester
    JNathan: Storyliner
    Pokemoner2500: Tester
    Superqami: Tile ripper
    kaedearagaki: Spriter

    Pokemon Essentials 11
    Maruno, Poccil and the creators of it.
    Crazyninjaguy for HGSS sprites
    chimcharfireworks12 for tiles.

    Note: All my other RMXP projects are paused for this one.

    Thanks, guys! Pokemon Draconite needs your help!
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