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    Welcome to

    Hey people! My name is BlueEon. The reason I joined PC is because I wanted to download the ROM hacks. PC is the best place for ROM hacks and I guess that's what made it popular.

    The reason I made this thread is because I ROM hacking is fun and I enjoy It a lot. I am creating a ROM hack called Pokemon: The next Generation, and I canNOT complete it without yu! So I request that you join!

    Current Project(s)
    Pokemon: The adventure (Subject to change)

    (A base ROM has not been decided.)

    In the beginning of the game, there is an entry of the player's diary. It tell how the player's father dissapeared a year ago...

    It is your rival and your 10th Birthday. You're finally able to get your own Pokemon. You go to Professer Ion's lab and get your Pokemon. After that you go home, Your mom gives you your presents : Running shoes and some Potions. She tells you to go to the next town to pick some things up for her, now that you have your own Pokemon. As you are coming back to your hometown after picking the things your mom asked you to, You see it is under attack !!! The evil team, Aeon is attacking your town. You defeat them, but you see your mom is hurt! You go after them, not only to get revenge, but to stop their plans that could destroy the planet...
    Also, they seem to know about your father...


    Starters are:Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle (For sure), Pichu (For sure), Riolu (Maybe)
    New maps
    New story
    New Legendary
    Day/Night system (Maybe)
    New maps and tiles (Tiles maybe)


    A storyLiner
    Banner Maker
    General Helper
    Title screen Maker
    Box maker
    Beta Testers
    An Ow Spriter
    A normal Spriter (To back me up)
    5th Gen Inserter.[/COLOR]

    Me: Spriter/ Userbar make/ Backup Mapper
    Gyrath:Banner maker
    Solid_Sphere: Scripter
    soulryu: Mapping, Inserting tiles.
    darrare: Sripter, Mapper


    Applying for:
    Proof (Not necessary, but will increase chances):
    Contact Via:
    Will you be Active?:

    THANKS AND BYE! Please apply! (Hey, that rhymes!)
    Be my Weavile.

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