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    I am probably best at "J"RPG's, whether it's turn based or real time. On any of my save files from any of my FF games, I can destroy the final boss in a matter of a few turns. In FF7, I destroy Emerald & Ruby Weapon like they are regular bosses. In FFX, my characters' sphere grids are maxed out. I go hard!

    I am also best at action games, such as God of War, Ninja Gaiden, DmC, etc. I made Ninja Gaiden Black my slave and put that boy Ryu to work!

    I am also decent at shooters when playing on PC, but my laptop is all I have left and I don't really game on it.

    I am absolutely horrible at brawlers, except for PSABR, and I am not that fond of WRPG's.

    Conquering others is strength, conquering yourself is true power.
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