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    Aria - A Revalation

    Aria slowly sank to the floor, her back resting against the door. She was about ready to cry, but didn't. Her face remained blank as she tried to process what had just happened. The boy on her doorstep... Somehow, someway, he had known Aria's father, and where he lived. However, this boy apparently didn't know her father that well, as he hadn't known about his tragic death. The large amount of informations wasn't helped by Eve attempting to calm her down. It was only when James put his hand in hers that the tears broke, and she cried yet again.

    Makoto - Following the leader

    Makoto had watched the entire scenario with a look of fascination, and could tell even from his distance that Aria was dismayed by the boy's presence. With that, Makoto set off after him, determined to make him pay for hurting Aria...

    It was slightly difficult to track the boy as he flew, but Makoto's wolf-like spirit helped him traverse the woods with ease. He soon found himself at the edge of Celestic Town, as the sign told him, and watched the boy land. This boy seemed to make a beeline to the center of the town, stopping to talk to someone on the way. Makoto followed, attempting to remain unseen as he followed the boy to what seemed to be a large cave...

    Entering the cave, Makoto nearly forgot his purpose for coming. Along the far wall was a large mural, and Makoto couldn't help but stare. It wasn't until he stubbed his toe on a protruding boulder that he was brought back to reality. The sound would most likely alert the boy, but Makoto was able to take a hiding place before the boy was even able to register what he had heard. It was in this place that he waited for the perfect opportunity for revenge...
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