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    Name: Scott Lee

    Nickname: Felix

    Gender: male

    Age: 14

    Species: espion

    Team: arcane alliance

    Title: Member Deceiving Scott

    Appearance: A usual espion, but being a boy, his front hair is jagged and tinted red to contrast with the pink.

    Personality: Scott is cool headed and knows how to deal with tricky situations. He is known as the deceiving because of his excellent use of confusion and knowledge. He prefers to attack other pokémon when he is not seen, so that he may confuse them. He doesn't like getting hurt, so he will often try and stay out the firing line, but if necessary he stands strong and is brave. He is friendly towards most people, especially those younger than him, and he loves playing with young kids and cheering them up. He will mostly only help kids and children, but he will do requests from adults if is help is needed. In times of danger, he understands that no sacrifice is good enough, so he will try and convince people not to commit suicide, and try and get everyone out alive together. He doesn't like death, he hates it, and has only every killed someone once due to a bandit raid at a camp he was staying at when he was 9. Other than that he is an overall good person with a good personality.

    History: Scott was born in Medeis town during the winter. His family were poor and didn't have much to trade with during the time, as their crops had all died due to a wildfire in the autumn, causing a distinct lack of money. The family struggled to buy food for Scott, and eventually decided that for their own survival, the baby had to go. His mother, flareon, and is father, umbreon, both decided this and put him in the safest place they could find, a garbage bin.

    A day later, a rich family consisting of a gardevoir, a gallade, and 2 kirlia's, found Scott in that bin, and knew that no baby should die like that. They took him in as they're own and raised him, and eventually, at the age of 12, he evolved into an espion. Scott enjoyed his time with the family, and was always going on trips to campsites and parks, which he enjoyed very much, but he always knew he didn't fit in. At 13 years old, he walked out the door of the house, and said,
    "I'll be back for you all, and I'll be the best explorer in the world!" Obviously everyone was shocked by this, and tried to stop him, but all to late. Gallade decided it was best for him to go and do is own thing in life.

    Level: 29

    Moveset: teleport, confusion, shadow ball, power swap, light screen, psyshock

    RP Sample: Another knock on the door, for the sixth time today. Why are these people allways wanting more medicine? Perhaps they shouldn't get injured so much... Scott looked around at his supplies before shouting, "NO MORE TODAY, I'VE GOT NOTHING LEFT!"
    A small squeaky voice replied, "No it's me Scott, I was hoping you could come and play with us?"
    Well there was no saying no to that. Being stuck in a small room all day making medicines is pretty tiring. Scott opened up the door with confusion, and walked out to meet the little riolu.
    "Have you been doing much training with your special attacks recently Kew?"
    "Yup, I learned how to use aura sphere, but it's not perfect yet."
    "You're one strange riolu, you know that. Most riolu's wont learn aura sphere until they evolve!"
    "I know!" As Kew ran ahead, Scott followed. He wasn't the fastest of runners, but he tried.

    The highlight of the day, playing headball with Kew and his friends.

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