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    Nathan - A new beginning

    Nath woke up to find himself lying on top of quite a comfy mattress. He noticed that his left arm was aching with pain, and his sides really hurt too. He opened his eyes to see a woman with red hair hovering over his body.
    "Oh papa, he's awakening!" Voices could be heard from all over, and there was either a discussion or an argument happening out their. Nath sat up to have a look, and he could see a group of about 8 people staring at him, including the red haired girl. Whoever these people were they had just save Nathan's life. He got up and stood on is feet. He noticed that he had a cotton sling on his arm, presumably made from someone's bandana due to the patterns.
    "Where am I?" He spoke softly, as a shout would probably wreck his throat. He stumbled a bit before regaining balance.
    "Your in a small community we like to call the Coronet crew! We found you in the Celestic ruins when we went to look for some food, you were out cold, underneath a couple of rocks." That's right, there was a cave in, when Nath touched something on the wall. Yet something didn't add up. Why were they looking for food in the ruins, why not ask the townsfolk. Nath asked that very question.
    "What townsfolk? Gahaha, there hasn't been any there for years," an old man spoke with a spit in his throat. Nathan gulped. If there wasn't any townsfolk then, who were the people he saw before?


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