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Hey Kuro! Welcome to PC.

Don't fret about having no friends yet. You'll make some eventually! On my the first two forums I joined, Bulbagarden and Serebii, it took me a while to make some friends. Bulbagraden in particular, it took me a couple weeks before I made my first friend there. Sp don't worry if you don't make any friends right away, sometimes it just takes a while to make them. One thing I can suggest to help you make friends is to talk to people. If you get to know someone really well, they will more likely add you a friend or accept a friend request. One way you can make friends is definitely the clubs here. There's Pokemon clubs and club for other fandoms/interest. It's good to have friends who share common interest. ^__^ You can also talk with people in the DCC or Daily Chit-Chat thread. Just get involved in the conversations and you could make friends in no time! Don't be afraid to open up to people here. We're a really friendly community. :) And since you seem nice, I'll send you a friend request. ;)

As for myself, I'm Aaron or you can also call me AW or Kouzan. I'm 20-years-old and I'll be 21 in 16 days! I got into Pokemon through the anime when it aired in 1998. I then played my first Pokemon game in 2000, Pokemon Red and became addicted to the series ever since. My favorite Pokemon is definitely Treecko! It's a rather cool and beastly Pokemon in my opinion and is the fastest of all the unevolved starters. I'm also a artist who loves and draws anime. Wouldn't mind getting to know about you a bit don't be shy to tell us more about yourself! This is another helpful way of making new friends too. :3

Well, I hope you enjoy yourself here and make lots of friends! If you want to talk, please do send me a visitors message. I'll be your friend. :)
im back