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Zayne Alta

Zayne watched from the sidelines as the battle wore on and more and more of his students found themselves eliminated from his activity. He was sure to summarise the goings on in his head.

The ones who were eliminated early on clearly need to hone both their analytical skills as well as their knowledge of their own pokemon, it is now in the middle stages of the battle that things will get a bit more confusing... Since only the more capable trainers remain it will be difficult to keep tabs on who needs the most work, especially as I keep losing track of people in the fray and a couple of people are using pokemon of the same species - though thankfully not many.

"Keep up the good work everyone!" he encouraged his students "those of you who have been eliminated come and sit or stand over hear and be sure not to obscure anyone's view. One thing you must always remember is that watching the strategies of others and discerning what they know is one of the key components of any battle."

When I get down to the last five or six I'm going to give them a little surprise to see how the handle unexpected events...


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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