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    Futatabi kōshin suru Jikan!

    -Challenged Aspertia City Gym Leader Cheren
    -Cheren sent out Minccino (F, Lv.12)
    -Psybeam OHKO Minccino
    -Cheren sent out Lillipup (M, Lv.12)
    -Psybeam OHKO Lillipup
    -Cheren sent out Buneary (M, Lv.12)
    -Shock Wave OHKO Buneary
    -Cheren sent out Teddiursa (M, Lv.12)
    -Psybeam OHKO Teddiursa
    -Cheren sent out Munchlax (M, Lv.14)
    -Two hits of Psybeam were fired off, eliminating Munchlax
    -Cheren sent out Pidove (M, Lv.12)
    -Psybeam OHKO Pidove
    -Gym Leader Cheren was defeated

    -Received the Basic Badge and TM83 Work Up
    -Received TM27 Return
    -Registered Cheren, Bianca and Prof. Juniper in the Xtransceiver
    -Received the C-Gear
    -Pokédex was upgraded with Habitat List
    -Minazuki learned Magical Leaf
    -Received the Super Rod
    -Arrived in Virbank City
    -Minazuki learned Confuse Ray
    -Minazuki evolved into Gardevoir

    -Challenged Virbank City Gym Leader Roxie
    -Roxie sent out Trubbish (F, Lv.19)
    -Psybeam OHKO Trubbish
    -Roxie sent out Seviper (F, Lv.19)
    -Psybeam OHKO Seviper
    -Roxie sent out Whirlipede (F, Lv.21)
    -Psybeam OHKO Whirlipede
    -Roxie sent out Koffing (F, Lv.19)
    -Psybeam OHKO Koffing
    -Roxie sent out Golbat (F, Lv.19)
    -Shock Wave OHKO Golbat
    -Roxie sent out Croagunk (F, Lv.19)
    -Croagunk managed to get in a Fake Out attack before Psybeam eliminated it
    -Gym Leader Roxie was defeated

    -Received the Toxic Badge and TM09 Venoshock
    -Saved progress for now

    Current team:

    Minazuki/Gardevoir (F, Lv.32)
    Psybeam, Magical Leaf, Shock Wave, Confuse Ray
    Ability: Trace
    Stats: HP 93, ATK 57, DEF 61, SP. ATK 99, SP. DEF 84, SPD 65
    Lax nature.
    Somewhat of a clown.
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