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    I'm going to work in an hour. How's that for interesting lol ><

    Slept well, though. Had a messed up dream that I went back to Ontario to take an obsolete French course. Apparently it was around 2023 and construction had changed the location of the school; I went down the right road but it led me into a forest instead! so I eventually asked someone about it - I had a cat with me for some reason. Dunno - and found the school finally. I took the elevator and it like, hovered over a lava pit or something, and people were running outside looking for coloured eggs like during Easter. I was admitted to class and was sitting in the back beside some dude that was playing White 2 on his 3DS. Class was uber lame. When it ended, I ran outside and the building started to crumble. There were four guys with me for some reason and we kept running... But the ground gave out beneath us, one guy plummeted to a fiery death, while I clung on to the side. The skinny dude wanted to save me but the larger dude was like, "NO YOU'LL DIE YOU MUST RUN WITH US" but skinny guy was like, "NO WAY WE CAN TOTALLY GET HER SHE DUN HAVE TO DIE ARHOGLHAEOIGAKNALGA"

    Woke up :3

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