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    Well first off I apologize if this is in the wrong section, and for needing to ask...
    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post

    Evolutions work without National Dex:
    At 0xCE91A change the next 4 bytes to 00 00 14 E0. This makes the previously conditional branch into an unconditional branch, which fixes the evolutions.
    At the risk of sounding terrible can someone explain this to me? I'll admit I'm not the best scripter though just changing a couple bytes I can do that though when I opened XSE to 0xCE91A I got

    #org 0xCE91A
    fadescreen 0x28
    copyscriptbanks 0xDD 0x11
    comparefarbytetofarbyte 0x22018128 0x4807836A
    bufferpcitem 0x78 0x88
    warp4 0x18 0xC0 0x0 0x4450 0x8302

    Which is already looking wrong to me... Though I did change the 0x22018128 to 0x000014E0 which would always compile to 0x800014E0 and would break the game when an evolution happened... So I changed that back and tried then I changed the 0x4807836A to 0x000014E0 which also kept going to 0x800014E0 which when I tried to evolve The animation did happen correctly the Natu became a Xatu though it still said Natu stopped evolving and left me with Natu...
    So yeah.. Im out of ideas... any help would be appreciated..
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