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    Originally Posted by AllergicProductions View Post
    I'm not sure if this has been fixed already, but I think your Super Repel is bugged. Whenever I tried to talk to the guy who sells items in the Pokémon Centers after beating the 3rd gym, I would get an error message that mentioned Super Repel and the game would subsequently crash. Just talking to the guy would trigger this, so I couldn't even buy other items like potions and such.
    It's fixed right now, thanks :)
    On this fantastic day (BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY) I bring you this teaser of the coming update

    A few days ago I have announced two updates: One would be released this weekend and it would fix all reported bugs. The difficulty of the game would be lowered as well.

    The second one would add more gameplay, granting access to Cycling Road and Metrow City.

    However, by now you have probably already noticed that I didn't release an update this weekend. Why is that, you ask? Well, I have decided not to release two updates in such a short timespan, but instead release a much larger update in two weeks. This large update will feature:

    -Lower difficulty
    -More variety in wild Pokémon early-game.
    -Access to Cycling Road, Metrow City (Gym!), Plisuvi Town, Mount Rockmelt, Rockmelt City (Gym!), Lagusa Island and Lagusa City (Gym!). That. Is. A. LOT. It would bring the amount of gyms to a whopping six gyms! That's awesome right? 8D

    The only thing that is bugging me right now are the sprites. My sprites suck. They'll do for now though, I hope.

    Anyway, have a great evening and I hope you'll be pleased with the coming update