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Sensei Marek
Atarip Town

Marek walked angrily. Away from the Alakazam, away from Atarip Town. He had no idea where he was going, but he felt that he needed some time to cool down and meditate. The sun still shone bright in the sky, despite the fact that it felt like they had been in that cave for hours. Marek made his way through a dense forest, pushing shrubbery and creeper plants out of his way as he angrily marched onwards. Previously, he had also tried to check on his father, but his uncle wouldn't let him in any more. Finally, Marek came upon the edge of a cliff. Beneath him, the dense forest stretched out as far as he could see, and a beautiful stream separated the forest into two. He decided that this cliff would be a good place to sit down and reflect. Marek would stay here for the next hour before finally calming down and coming to terms with what had happened. His money would not be able to buy medication for his father for long, since he had spent most of it on supplies for an earlier mission. He mostly lived off the Poke from the Crossblade Crew's joint account anyway, so he didn't care much about money up until that point. There was only one thing to do: try to keep collecting money to give to his father. It was the only thing he could do, unless he could locate the thief, which he highly doubted that he could. Still, he began his trek back to the base, through the forests. He decided that he would probably come back here from time to time to meditate.
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