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Originally Posted by Cavalreaper View Post

Looks like Pikachu wins.
Originally Posted by Umbr30n View Post

Rather useless?! The Shinx Line is stronger than the Pikachu Line in every stage!

Pichu's Base Stat Total: 205
Shinx's Base Stat Total: 263

Pikachu's Base Stat Total: 300
Luxio's Base Stat Total: 363

Raichu's Base Stat Total: 475
Luxray's Base Stat Total: 523

Not only that, but the Pichu Line's Defense is just AWFUL. Shinx Line can take so much more hits even though it has the same weaknesses and resistances as the Pichu Line.

Also, Shinx Line is better at sweeping. Who cares about Speed? Doesn't matter too much.

Not so clever now are you, Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers?!

Oh, and who cares if it's a mouse and not a rat? Both species are very similar. Seriously now, why are you so obsessed with a massive whopper of a rat?!
It wasn't you I was thinking of when I saw this post awhile back sorry.
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