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Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
When it comes to character building, how do you bring your character to life?

In my case, I don't so much as write the character bit by bit, but rather i create a character with my mind and chronicle their attributes. Sometimes I'll even go so far as to take on their persona around the flat and in town; all to get a better feel for the character.

For one of my characters, Wyatt, I put him on as a persona; not full fleshed out, but rather I fleshed him out by writing the ways in which myself as him reacted. His thoughts, feelings and memories, kinda bloomed into fruition until I had this SU of him written up.

Another character of mine, Kieran, I went to a cafe on a break from work and ordered a coffee as him which I later added into the RP he was a character for.It felt a bit weird, but it was interesting.

So I guess I become the character before I write the SU.

How about you guys?
My characters start with a basic framework which may be a couple of personality traits, an ability set or an appearance - it depends really. From their I'll flesh it out until they have a full appearance, history, personality and anything else they need. After doing that I'll probably make a few changes but the majority of my characters are RP specific so it is rare for me to spend more than a day or two on them and it is unusual for them to become entirely different characters over the process of development (but it has happened).