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What a fun episode! Sure, it had it's quirks, like most Pokemon episodes, but certainly the show would have been great if it had stayed more like this. Team Rocket was phenomenal, presented as true villains, something they wouldn't be again for a long time.

I don't know if it was just me, but Joy came off as kind of a b**h when she told Ash off. She really had no idea what happened, and considering her position and the world they live in, she should be expecting stuff like that all the time! Also, Misty pretty much contradicts herself completely. Something around these lines:

Misty: "Fix my bike!"
Ash: "I'll do it as soon as I can."
Misty: "I want it now! But let's wait until after Pikachu is alright"

Dafuq, Misty? I have to say though, this was probably my least favorite presentation of Meowth. All that talk about being the top cat really distracted from the TRio's presence as villains, and kinda took away from the episode.

But over all, I really enjoyed myself, and it was nice to see something so friggin old.

Also, you can totally see under Jessie's skirt on the balloon!
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