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    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    Avatar and first sentence of your post gave me the wrong idea, then the "Not one on one" part confirmed that you knew what I was thinking T-T

    When it comes to character building, how do you bring your character to life?
    Every one of my characters are modeled around a personality of mine and someone I see the day I make them. I put myself in their shoes so to speak, then create a character in from those thoughts.

    To bring them to life, I use a lot of NPCs, as I find it impossible to do so without them (Like who in real life just monologues all day?)
    My avatar gave you the wrong idea? XD I suppose it would. Anyways, I mostly roleplay previously created characters from animes and video games.

    But when I do create an OC, I tend to make them name first, then try to fit the personality to the name. Parts of my personality do tend to bleed through. But, otherwise, it's amazingly complex to create my characters. And then the back story has to fit the character explicitly. Such as, I have an OC who is a pirate, and it took me three hours to actually completely finish him after I had the name because I had to make sure his back story fit him.

    Then, let me see, it always goes just right for me.

    NPCs? I don't really use them that often because they're just background space. If it's one on one, then it's just me and one other roleplayer and I tend to ignore the NPCs just because I don't need them with one on one stuff. But, then, if it's more than one character, or more than two roleplayers, I can usually include the NPCs, but only in the background. I tend to not really care.