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Originally Posted by mrdoingboing View Post
I suppose I should introduce myself (as I've lurked on the forums for some time now). I'm mrdoingboing, but feel free to call me Doing or whatever else floats your boat. Longtime pokemon fan, competitive battler, and recently have become interested in pokemon hacks. My favorite rom hacks are probably pokemon brown and liquid crystal. I downloaded some tools to give hacking a try myself, and I can now appreciate the effort that goes into everybody's work even more because it can be a lot work x_x
I'm hoping to become a more active member of Pokecommunity, and maybe even working on rom hacks of my own someday. Can't think of anything else to write sooooooo I guess that's my intro ;
Hello Doing, and welcome to PC!

I have been a Pokemon fan for almost as long as you (if not longer) and I joined this community mainly because I wanted to speak with fellow Pokemon fans, and I have made so many friends during my two years here as a member. I'm sure you'll stick around and be an active member for a while because we have so much to offer!

PC is well-known for its ROM hacking community and since you're interested in the hacks a lot you should head over to that big section known as Emulation which has loads of awesome hacks to check out and play, as well as tools and resources you can use to make your own hacks. I'm not really all that interested in hacks cos my computer hates them for some reason lol but you'll enjoy it there nonetheless. Just remember to read the rules there because it's a very large section and a few people there tend to break the rules, such as reviving threads without even knowing it. Good luck with your project btw.

Since you're a competitive battler why not check out the Battle Center section here? It has loads of competitive discussion and also a place to get teams rated. Also go and check out PC's official Pokemon Showdown server where you can battle and chat with fellow members from PC. I'm +OshyHikari over there btw so say hi if you decide to drop by.

Anyways, I'll see ya around, and contact any moderators if you need help!
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