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Liz Worthington; The Cafeteria

Chapter 1 – Someone stop that Pichu!
Liz laughed heartily as she watched Prince (apparently in a lot of pain), drag himself across the table to fall asleep at her lap. The little Cleffa had managed to ingest a whole Sloppy Joe, and it seemed 'the Itis' would soon complete its dismantling of the small Pokémon's motor skills.

The outline of Prince's mouth contorted to a satisfied grin before the small Pokémon passed out. Liz's laugh turned to a smile as she pet her Pokémon. She really enjoyed her new life at the PTA Island. Oaktown, although a small community, had many delicious places to go eat, and a cozy, old-timey movie theater she really enjoyed. The beach was lovely and, let's face it, she had some of the best professors in the world!

However, Liz hadn't managed to meet many new friends in the academy since her acceptance. Her only true friend was her roommate, Christina, and although she seemed content with the opportunity to study in the institution, she never truly laughed unless she knew the constant chatter of the cafeteria drowned her giggles.

What that chatter couldn't drown was Liz's ear-piercing shriek of dismay upon realizing Peach was lost.

Startled Prince wobbled off the table only to be recalled to his Poké Ball before he could hit the floor. "Peach!" Liz yelled as she frantically began to search for her Pokémon. "Peach! Has anyone seen my Peach?"

Liz saw students her age glance around them, and when she noticed a particular snot-nosed boy take a bite out of his hot dog, she just lost it…

Tears fell from the young girl's eyes as she scrambled along the cafeteria, continuing to look for her Pokémon.

* * *

Meanwhile, a small, yellow rodent hurryingly scurried ankle to ankle with only one objective and one end result on its mind…

This rodent is Peach, Liz's female Pichu; and although Peach is usually very timid, there are a handful of things that compel her to come out of her bubble and turn her into a bold, objective-driven force of nature. Amongst these things: cheese, nacho cheese.
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