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I liked N's voice personally. I thought it was creepy , mysterious and fit him well. I think they picked a good VA, (Nicholas DiMichele) and I thought it was way better than the voice for N in the BW2 trailer.

I was really surprised that they used a ( new opening,[/title] compared to the old opening but I was really hoping they would. I really didn't expect it to happen much , cause it's never happen except for one occasion and that was only cause of the switch to HD and wider aspect ratio (For Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles) . So it really surprised me when I saw the new opening.

I really like this episode. All of N's dialogues was actually really deep,way more deeper than really anything else said on the dub, more specifically any character in the BW series. While the dialogue dragged the episode on a bit , it also gave the whole episode more depth and emotion. My favorite part was when N blocked Frillish's Shadow Ball and then the whole speech he gave afterward. The part where he acknowledges Mewoth for speaking human was amusing.
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