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    Originally Posted by aquarmor View Post
    where can i find a good grass type pokemon in the the 7th badge...also no oddish or sunkern or **** like that pls
    You can get one Turtwig in Lithopone City, and I don't remember if there're more Gress-Type Pokemon, but I may add some in the next beta.

    Originally Posted by Vestra View Post
    I've already completed that event, my 2.2 savestate was in progress with that event. I've completed both that and the gym leader but the cones are still there. You mentioned something about Rayquaza earlier, where is that found?

    Regardless, I used a walk through walls cheat to get past the cones and finished the game, but on doing so, all events seem to have restarted somehow. I got the ticket after the league and I'm aware that hasn't be implemented yet but has anything else within Tyron, are there any legendaries or areas you can reach with waterfall worth nothing.
    Since this game ends after you defeated Elite Four, there're only 5 legendary Pokemon avaliable in the current beta, they're Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo and black Rayquaza. So there's nothing in those caves yet.

    Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
    Again 1158, nice work with this hack. I finished Victory Fire and I'm really impressed. But I'd stick with the same issue/letdown (kinda) though, grammatical and spelling errors here and there. Some are enough to mess the thought the text wants to portray. Have you asked for help already?

    Anyways, I'm early into the hack and dang, that level 13 Abra was sick. It swept my team twice. Is this just the beginning of one heck of a road this hack has?

    More power!
    I know, that ??? trainer is the real rival of the player in this game, and Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam is his powerhouse, so it's rather powerful. And sorry for this, I must admit that I made this game too difficult, sorry.

    Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
    Another major bug to be reported in. I decide to fly to Solar City, and then tried to walk north in the Grass Path, and then it tells me i havent completed any gym badges,and can't pass through walking.

    The meeting is also going on again in that building in Solar City,so things get reset.

    And the same applies to other events if I fly to other cities, so I can re-do events.
    Thanks for reporting, I'll fix it in the next beta.

    Originally Posted by - nicely played View Post
    after win the 7th badge where should i go?

    Go right to Lividity City, the rock there will be removed after you checked it.

    Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
    But you didn't finish the last mission when you did it the first time. I didn't notice it before i picked up the game again this morning to just try and catch some pokemon's to start complete the pokedex.

    So a couple of thoughts and questions.

    Where can i catch Ralts? as well as ice pokemons? will i have to wait to catch more ice-pokemons until the next patch comes out? and an ice-cave with them?

    I used waterfall and such in the caves, should the legendaries in the waterfall caves? since i came to empty places with no legendaries and such, and in one cave it was a block that blocked me from proceeding.

    Exp. Share and Soothe Bell should be in there somewhere, I have talked to everyone, and used itemfinder everywhere and can't find it, so unless its added, both of those items needs to be added into the game in my opinion.
    There're no Ice-Type Pokemon in the current beta, I'm planning on add a feature like Power generation system and Windmill in Pokemon Conquest to make some special Pokemon avaliable. And as for the items you mentioned, you can buy them in Lividity City.

    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    Can you make it so gravaler and onix and haunter evolve at like level 36please?
    Thanks for your advice, I may consider about this.
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