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    ShinyEevee: gratz on the Moltres! I was always a fan of the Kanto birds :)

    Slenderman and SpritingYoshi: Gratz on the Skitties ^^

    Dimitrius: Sorry to hear about your corrupted SS. I know the pain. Around xmas time, i noticed that my housemate had stolen my copies of Diamond, Pearl and White, and sold them. I was left with my GBA games, and Heart Gold (which was safe in the DS at the time). Not quite a corrupt file, but i lost 3 complete save files and all the pokemon on them. thankfully all my shinies and non gen 5 special pokemon were still on HG, so i didnt lose any. You have my sympathies.

    Well, after 1932 REs between Diamond and Heart Gold, shiny Tentacool just popped up on my Diamond!

    I really do seem to have good luck with these shinies :/ I think ill go and do some chaining for the rest of the day, see if i can get that Ponyta that vexed me so much 4 years ago! After that, ill start another hunt, and i think ill do some soft resetting. One of my work colleagues gave me his copy of SS a few weeks ago, so ill restart his game and try for a starter on that i think. maybe dual hunt on my other DS for a shiny Kanto starter.

    Good luck everyone!
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