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    Hello, first time posting here at all.

    I have a few shiny pokemon gathered by various methods. Of course my two completely random encounter pokemon were the most nerve wracking things ever... and consider that I've played since before pokemon was in color and thus shinies were a thing, and the only two I've ever found were:

    Shiny Psyduck (Emerald) Safari Zone... It escaped once but didn't run, and I caught it on the second Safari Ball... mild heart attack. Now evolved as a Golduck.
    Shiny Graveler (Pearl) ... yeah, my second shiny ever and the darn thing is capable of Selfdestruct!!!! I got lucky and caught it, now a Golem.

    So those are my 100% legit, nerve wracking shinies. I have a handful that I've caught via the pokeradar thing - still consider that legit myself as it's not easy to chain them without screwing up:
    Phanpy (now evolved)
    Mareep (now evolved)
    Eevee (I got three before the chain broke, now Espeon, Umbreon, and Leafeon)

    Got the Red Gyrados from Soul Silver... whatever, but it's yeah. :D

    Finally I got two in trades - I list them last because it's likely they're hacked, but then again, if someone can hack a shiny, why wouldn't they hack whatever they were trading for? I have no clue myself... but I have a Shiny Metagross and a Braviary. Again, these two are 99% probably not legit, hence listed last.

    Currently wandering in Pokemon White 2 - mostly cruising the watery areas in search of really anything shiny - not hunting anything specific at the moment. I've played Crystal -> White 2...stupid amount of time playing these games, and still most proud of my Golem and Golduck... the rest are cool too of course, but I'm due for another random Shiny... fingers crossed. :D
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