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So here we go

Pokemon Red

  • Named myself Adam, named Rival Connor
  • Picked Charmander since it evolves into Charizard, named him Vesuvius
  • Done all the stuff for the dex, got me some balls. Found a Pidgey on Route 1, caught her and called her Flutter.
  • Went to grind up in Viridian, caught a Caterpie and called him Denzel. Quickly leveled him into a Butterfree.
  • Begun to grind for Brock.
  • Ground them all to Level 15
  • Went to face off against Brock and....
  • I won, Denzel was the MVP of that match since his PoisonPowder and Confusion swept them both.
  • Switch out Flutter and Vesuvius so they could get a level each and Vesuvius evolved into Charmeleon
  • Saved and ended for today.

    My Team:
    Vesuvius the Charmeleon

    Flutter the Pidgey

    Denzel the Butterfree

I've been here 6 years... Wow I'm old.