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    > You can probably kill and eat the monster (if eldritch pokemon are edible). Was Vesta classified as a pokemon? If she was you could have her kill it and gain some levels. Afterwards I suggest you head east, something tells me that is where you have to go.
    > Let's not kill the little monster let's try catching it, it doesn't seem as strong as the Eldritch Totodile so maybe it won't disentegrate the ball you have left. Also I think we just encoutered Eldritch Lugia. Anyway let's head South it's obvious the most exciting thing will happen in the most unassuming cave.
    > Firstly check if vesta is ok. Then check this monster out . Don't kill it , and after that head south as mentioned above .
    > Catch the beast, instead of killing it. then head out to examin the holes in the caves.

    You check out the little monster. On closer inspection, you can see it isn't a Seel; it's a similar shape, but the fins it drags itself along on are yellow and its body is red and scaly. The clincher is that its spine bends laterally like a fish, not vertically like a mammal: this is no more or less than an Eldritch Magikarp.

    It regards you warily from the shallows, twitching its barbels in agitation. It's by far the nicest-looking Eldritch creature you've seen so far – although it's by no means attractive; it looks like someone pounded it into bits with a fistful of broken bottles and resurrected it by pounding the parts together again. Still. There's a shine on its scales and a vapid look in its eyes that indicates that, perhaps because of its extreme inoffensiveness before the Dreaming, its personality hasn't developed too broad a murderous streak now.

    You reach for a Poké Ball to catch it, and it's at this moment that you discover that nothing remains of your Bag beyond the straps that held it onto your back.

    You swear. Very, very loudly.

    The Eldritch Magikarp squeals and vanishes into the sea.


    Your Bag is gone. That's all your food, your water, your means of defence, your...

    Your fire.


    Your eyes turn to the piles of debris scattered across the beach.

    You hope all your stuff washed up in the same place as you did.

    Note: Thank you, gam3r! I appreciate it. Doing this makes me realise why text-based adventure games didn't use real people in the first place; knowing that people are enjoying it makes it worthwhile.

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