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@ShadowE: Ahhh I remember when I joined a random game and the driver drove everyone off the cliff... x(

@Iloveeevee: Keep playing! There is an awesome chest near the final boss and a save point (unless if they changed it since). That's how I found most of my legendaries in BL1.

@Aurora: Aww no love for the Flakker! </3 I don't really like it, but it has its fans. :P I think solo Siren benefits more from the Cataclysm tree for its pure damage. I struggled a lot in TVHM with a healing Siren on my own, haha. However, I still think a lot of the skills under Cata suck. Helios and Cloud Kill barely deteriorate enemies, and a fire-boosted melee or fire shots in FFYL are not helpful when I'm facing robots for half of the game. Also, most enemies have RESIST when I use elements in TVHM. D:! Play around with some different builds, maybe do some runs through Bloodshot Stronghold and see if you like your new skill-set.

@Razor Leaf: Those midgets had friends and families! Nice haul, there. I like using my bladed Hellfire or fire Plasma Caster, Corrosive Lyuda/Infinity, the Storm for giggles since I like the shock orbs, and Badaboom rocket launcher for quick Second Winds. I also like to switch out the Storm and use my Presence SMG, as while it's Hyperion and non-elemental, it has a nice skin. The tight accuracy helps when I'm in FFYL, too. I often use a 35% Cooldown relic to get my Phaselock charged within 8 seconds. I'll need the instant revive when playing with 4 people. I also have an E-tech relic that boosts max health, SMG ammo, and sniper rifle ammo by about 48%. I'm using a shock-resistant Bee shield now. The damage is too too impressive to forgo survivability! I can't dent most grunts without having the Bee, even if I use my slag orb. :/ For Grenade Mods, I switch between the Bonus Package for raw damage and the Storm Front to disable shields when I'm not carrying a shock weapon.

I had two points in Kinetic Reflection, but most of the time, the creatures were attacking me rather than bandits. I got rid of it.

I found my first legendary drop from the loot midgets today. It's a level 59 Rapid Infinity. I'm level 61 now... Oh well, it's still a very killer gun.

I haven't found any Pearls yet. A random player gave me 5 level 56 Pearlescents. It's good to note that this same guy spit out like, fifty legendary items when we were chilling in Sanctuary, lmao.
Bearcat (Fire)
Butcher (Corrosive)
Storm (Shock)
Stalker (Corrosive)

List of all the legendary items I have, although most were obtained through friends/donators on Borderlands forum or online random public lobbies.
1.1 Blood of Terramorphous

Assault Rifles
2.1 Hammer Buster
2.2 KerBlaster
2.3 Madhouse
2.4 Shredifier
2.5 Veruc

3.1 Gub
3.2 Gunerang
3.3 Hornet
3.4 Infinity - got one myself
3.5 Logan's Gun
3.6 Maggie
3.7 Thunderball Fists
3.8 Unkempt Harold

Rocket Launchers
4.1 Badaboom - got two myself
4.2 Bunny - got one myself
4.3 Mongol
4.4 Norfleet
4.5 Nukem
4.6 Pyrophobia

5.1 Conference Call - got two myself
5.2 Deliverance
5.3 Flakker
5.4 Sledge's Shotgun
5.5 Striker

Sniper Rifles
6.1 Invader
6.2 Longbow
6.3 Lyuda - got one myself
6.4 Pitchfork - got one myself
6.5 Skullmasher
6.6 Volcano - got one myself

Submachine Guns SMGs
7.1 Baby Maker
7.2 B.tch
7.3 Emperor - got one with Olli
7.4 Hellfire
7.5 Slagga

8.1 The Transformer - got one with Olli
8.2 Flame of the Firehawk
8.3 The Bee
8.4 The Sham - got one myself
8.5 The Cradle
8.6 Fabled Tortoise
8.7 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
8.8 Black Hole
8.9 Neogenator
8.10 Impaler - got one myself
8.11 Hide of Terramorphous

9.1 Bonus Package - got one with brother
9.2 Bouncing Bonnie
9.3 Fastball
9.4 Quasar - got one myself
9.5 Fire Bee
9.6 Rolling Thunder
9.7 Leech - got one myself
9.8 Storm Front
9.9 Pandemic
9.10 Nasty Surprise

Class Mods
10.1 Slayer of Terramorphous - got one myself
10.2 Legendary Class Mod - got one for each class myself
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