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Lala forfeited, so Team Zoroark wins vs Team Raichu.

— Round Three

• Team Zoroark vs Team Ludicolo
[reg] Shadowraze vs ForeverDash
[1v1] Dter ic vs glitchguy
[high] Narnia vs Twilight Sky
[med] jellicentfan1 vs Jake♫
[low] tigerBLADE vs Clacla

• Team Emolga vs Team Jirachi
[reg] WeightyWillBill vs GolurkIsDaBomb
[1v1] ExtremeGamer vs IdrinkWater
[high] JNathan vs DaydreamsAway
[med] Aurora. vs .Aero
[low] Forever vs Wolflare

• Team Raichu gets a bye

Key: [reg] is Random Battle (regular), [1v1] is Random Battle 1-vs-1, [high] is High Tier Random Battle, [med] is Medium Tier Random Battle, and [low] is Low Tier Random Battle. All of them are Best of Three, except 1v1 which is Best of Five. View the first post of this thread for more details.

Future rounds:

Round Four

Team Jirachi vs Team Zoroark
Team Raichu vs Team Emolga
Team Ludicolo gets a bye

Round Five

Team Zoroark vs Team Emolga
Team Raichu vs Team Ludicolo
Team Jirachi gets a bye

Deadline is May 12th. I will be handing out warnings or infractions to whoever that fails to contact or reply back to their opponent. If you are too busy and need to be replaced, post here. If your opponent is ignoring you, post here.