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    Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
    Quick question involving the GTS.

    I tried to clone a Ponyta yesterday using the GTS. It seemingly worked- but when I checked the summary (to get the clone), it was messed up. Instead of explaining, I'll just post a picture:
    (Kind of large. Sorry.)

    The original was English and shiny. I still have the original one, so I'm not worried about that. But now when I try to get into the GTS to get that Ponyta, there is a communication error (sometimes showing up once I'm connected)...or they just disconnect me while I'm trying to get in. (It loads like it's connecting, but the message says "You have been disconnected..."

    Any ideas as to what's going on and how I can fix it? I don't have an AR for cloning, so this is my only option, unless I try on another game.
    I used to GTS clone but it's been a long time, but I have never seen that before, why didn't you just ask for help in the cloning thread?
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