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    I've had this story in mind for around a year, though the plot is still in development. My hacking skills are limited, so I really don't know if I can make this into a real hack, but whatever. The story of Pokemon Eternal Winter takes place in the cold and snowy Rimuri region, around 35 years after B2W2.

    A new Pokemon Lab has been built in the small town of Greybank, and Professor Hawthorne has just moved in. Your next-door neighbor, desperate for some excitement in her dull life, convinces you to accompany her to the lab, in hopes of receiving a Pokemon. You meet with Professor Hawthorne, and she agrees to give you both a Pokemon, on the condition that you help her around the lab. It is agreed that work will start the next day, but in the middle of the night, your neighbor disappears. The note she left to her mother explains that she has left to become a trainer and find some meaning in her life.

    With the approval of your parents and Professor Hawthorne, you set out to make sure your neighbor is safe, and bring her back home if necessary. When you do find her, however, she cryptically tells you that she has found what she was looking for, and she will not come back home. Though you go your separate ways, you meet again many times. As you interact with her, you find yourself drawn into a mystery surrounding Rimuri's legendary Pokemon, rumored to be too powerful for any human to control.