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How do you think fame will change you?
I would most probably stay the same as I was before 'the day I became famous'. Either I stay the same or just go completely insane from all the fame. (Ooh look it rhymes lol.)

Do you think you'd be able to withstand the pressures of fame?
No, I do not think so. I won't be able to withstand it for too long... With fame comes the mountainous pressure of keeping your fans and the paparazzi entertained and I think this heavy pressure would be certain to crush me in no time. I am also quite introverted in nature and prefer keeping to my thoughts and to myself; having to smile for the cameras 24/7 until my cheeks ache and to act like I was made for fame will certainly bring me down to my knees.

How long would you want to be in the spotlight for?
Uh... Not too long, certainly. I was not made for the spotlight, that I an say. I would probably get 'spotlight burns' the way people get sunburns from being under the sun for far too long lol. I think I won't be able to stand it for more than a month. No, I think just a mere few days..
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