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    Charles Zernas

    Charles walked through the forest, looking left and right. There appeared to be no more Pokemon around. He sighed, this was a little too much. There was a shack in the middle of the woods, and Charles felt his stomach grumble. He decided to go up to the shack, and knock on the door. No one answered. Charles groaned, "Hello?" Still no answer. There was a skittering noise, and Charles looked around. He saw nothing.

    Charles sent out Niengo so he could get to know both of his Pokemon better. Niengo looked scared and then calmed down, realizing there were no Spinarak around. He sighed, "Ri..." <Whew> Charles looked for Zorua, but he nothing. Looking around, Charles called, "Zoura? Are you there?" There was no response. Charles heard the skittering noise again, and this time, it sounded like it was coming from above him...

    Looking up he saw nothing, so he figured Zorua was on the roof. He grabbed the roof, and proceeded to hoist himself up. Very. Slowly. Once he was at the top, huffing and puffing, he saw a crab like Pokemon holding Zorua hostage. He sighed, "Kimbou, can you get up here?" He felt Kimbou grab onto his leg, and that extra twenty pounds was enough to pull Charles down. He fell to the ground and murmured, "Uh..."

    Niengo jumped into the air and caught a hold of the roof. He easily flipped himself over onto it. Niengo disappeared from sight, and Charles heard, "Ri!" <Help!>Waiting for Niengo to come down, Charles started to whistle a tune. Nothing happened, so he groaned and hoisted himself up. Once on the roof, Charles saw a kneeling Niengo, and the crab-mushroom thing holding Zorua hostage. Then he remembered Niengo was afraid of bugs, and this thing was probably a bug type.

    The thing looked at him with a foaming mouth, and Charles got ready to tackle it. But before he did, he pulled out his Pokedex. He held up his Pokedex, and it said,
    "What do you need?"
    "Identify that Pokemon."
    "Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokemon. To protect themselves from danger, they hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokémon. It is a Dark type. Moves: Scratch, Growl, and Pursuit."
    "No, not Zorua, the other bug type."
    "There are no bug types in this area."
    "Then the Grass Type."
    "There are no Grass Types in this area."

    Charles gave up and put the Pokedex away, he didn't care what Pokemon it was, he was going to tackle it. Charles jumped into the Pokemon. All he felt was the hard roof top. The Pokemon was completely gone. Zorua chuckled. "So it was you, you trickster!" Zorua nodded its head and chuckled. Then Charles got an idea, "Trickster, that's a good name." Zorua chimed in, "Zo!" <Yah!>
    "But you are going to be punished..."
    "Zo..." <No...> Charles returned Trickster and the shaking Niengo. He jumped off of the roof, and decided to enter the house.

    Death to Plasma?

    Appleman, please delete that, or I will be forced to report you for clogging up IC with OOC stuff. Also can you please PM me why, thanks.


    Okay, I can't really say anything until you finish the post, but for now I will just roll to see if you find something.

    You found a Leppa berry.


    That's a nice post, I'm guessing you are going to meet that 'non-recurring, unnamed and ambiguously-gendered minor character; Tommy would probably never see him again…' again? If you are, please post the character's Pokemon and information in the OOC post, thanks!

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