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Imogen Green - Atlantean Relief Centre, New York, United States of America

October 30th, 2012
"From what's to come," Imogen said, leaning her head on her hand. "It's not hard to see that someone's gonna start a war with super powers. We're here to make sure that doesn't happen."

"There's plenty other Atlanteans in the world, and so many more of them have far greater abilities than me. So many more of them have far greater potential. Why would a boy with color-changing wings be able to help you? I don't even know how to fly! I can't really fight, and I have no experience with any type of weapon. I am completely useless. Even if I did learn how to master my flight capabilities, I'm not Hawkman nor Hawkgirl. I'm not powerful; I'm ordinary. I can't swing a mace and wipe out an entire army. It just doesn't work like that."

"I'm with feather boy here. However, if Will decides to go with you, I would certainly be interested."

Imogen started to giggle as he ended his low-self-esteem whine. What ridiculous boys. Obviously, the AUP was all about sending untrained recruits into the field armed with nothing but a spoon. Of course. Man, what do these people teach kids in school? Algebra?

"Of course you don't know how to use your power, silly. Of course you can't fight to save yourself. You think the AUP is going to throw you into the deep end just to see how you go?" she giggled a little more, exhaling and wiping a miniscule tear from her eye. "William, we teach you everything. When the AUP found me, I barely knew how to hold a pencil, let alone a gun. Now I can shoot a man in the kneecap from five miles away with a handgun," and with a great deal of skill, Imogen quick-drawed her hand-gun from the holster on her hip and aimed it right at Will's head before he even had a chance to flinch. With a giggle, she pulled it back and shoved it back into the holster.

"We teach you how to defend yourself. How to control yourself. How your ability works. We can probably teach you crochet if you're into that kind of thing. It's not an overnight process, but it happens. And trust me, you get to learn some of the coolest things."
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