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Adrian Frode

Something was very off, Adrian wasn't entirely sure what and couldn't afford to take his mind any further off of his battle, but something was very strange about the sudden appearance of these harbingers. Pushing his concerns away temporarily Adrian launched himself at his opponent, an Albino harbinger wielding a bow, at his full speed intending to catch him by surprise and take the upper hand in the battle quickly. But he had underestimated his opponent; the harbinger easily matched Adrian's speed whirling around to stand behind Adrian, who skidded to a halt spraying red dirt up from around his feet.
"How the hell...?"

Adrian was shocked, it had been a very long time since anyone had managed to actually match his speed in battle - and he hadn't never been matched in speed by a harbinger. The ominous feeling he had shaken off returned as Adrian realised that his opponent was at a whole other level to the harbingers he had faced in Moscow the previous day.
Harbingers certainly have the same strengths and weaknesses as we do... and even the same likelihood of developing unique special abilities... that's all been proven throughout our encounters. But this just seems strange. The harbingers have only arisen recently (in reaper terms anyway) yet a single one of them is being able to fight on the same level as me? I don't like to be cocky but I have been training and improving for well over a hundred years... how could he possibly have the same skill level?

Adrian rushed his opponent again this time aiming to trick the harbinger. He ran with his sword high, but the dropped to one knee and tried to cut the knees of his opponent. Again he was outdone though; the harbinger stepped down on the charcoal blade, pinning it to the ground and loosed an arrow at Adrian at close range. In a burst of speed Adrian moved to the side slightly, his face being grazed by the projectile, and swung his left leg around causing his opponent to jump over it and allowing him to retrieve his sword. Adrian leaped back distancing himself from his enemy as he heard Spencer yell at his own opponent
"You LIAR!"

"Who the hell are you people?" he questioned the man across from him, who was still unscathed despite the rapid pace of their battle.
"We are harbingers"
"I got that, but that doesn't answer my question"
"I'm Calder. That's all you need to know."

He's toying with me... which is even more disturbing. I should watch myself because there are so many things completely wrong with this situation. He couldn't possibly just be naturally this talented could he?

As Spencer fought with the woman no more than two-hundred metres away Adrian prepared again to attack Calder. This time he would be using a ranged attack of his own to start things off. Adrian felt the familiar power bubbling within his being as he tapped into the magical energy he gained upon becoming a reaper and let loose a powerful blast of wind from his position. The gust whipped up the sand between he and Calder before knocking the bow from the latter's hand as he knocked another arrow. Adrian took his chance launching himself at this enemy and swinging his blade is a fast, powerful loop at his head.

In a movement so fast it appeared to happen instantaneously Calder had drawn his own blade, a thin sword of similar make to Adrian's of a deep blue colour and and blocked the slashing attack. Calder smirked at Adrian before delivering a strong kick to his gut, propelling him back several feet and sending him reeling in the dirt.
He isn't just matching my speed, he's faster. the realisation was terrifying to Adrian, as a dreadful thought crossed his mind It's like someone took the best of me and Luka, made a harbinger out of those skills and then made him even more powerful. Not only is he a highly skilled ranged attacker but he's at least able to hold his own with me close range... but he's also a little faster. Not much, but enough to give him the same edge over me that I was hoping to have against him. I don't know if I can win.

Adrian prepared to face his, seemingly superior opponent again.
"This time, I'm going to get you."
"Good luck with that" Calder jeered.

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