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Okay guys a few announcements, firstly I'm going to thank those of you who are keeping up near-constant activity because it is you guys who are keeping this going. Now onto slightly less happy conversation..

There are several of you who have become inactive without giving me any advance warning, which is against the rules (bar special circumstances) and people are going to get ahead. If you guys don't start posting again soon there will be nobody to interact with and you will either be stuck in Chapter 2 or be put through without completing the goal - which is unfair to those who went out of their way to complete it. At risk of being too hard on people I'm going to make this clear anyone who hasn't posted by the beginning of Chapter 5 will be removed from the RP without exception. It is unfair to deny others who may want to join the chance to be a part of the RP in favour of people who haven't posted in what will most likely be months by then. If you do have a problem with this please let me know, I'm not unreasonable but it seems like it is unfair to prospective RPers to not make a push at this point.

On a side note, I'm reminding you all that it will take 2-3 days to get through Carillion Forest (depending on the route you take). On day two I'll post information on Chapter 4 - which will include your first gym battle - and update the OP with information on the city said battle will take place in.


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