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    Naomi Sanders

    Three more Ghastlys suddenly materialized, one behind the Ampharos and two behind the Breloom. They were looking pretty well which she denounced that they weren't the ones that disappeared a while ago. Maybe the loud commotion happening caused the back-up to come.

    Nam had to think fast. She had to help them somehow... She looked around as Ewan was attacking the Spiritomb, and the Ghastlys were getting nearer and nearer to both of them. She was hoping to find something that could serve as a distraction to get the enemies' attention away from the both of them or an attack that could immobilize them. She breathed in and exhaled a breath of cold air.

    From that, An idea struck her at that moment. She angled herself so that she was facing the two behind Ewan's back. She breathed deeply and shot the two Ghastlys, that were ganging up behind him, with a strong snowy gust of wind from her mouth. She then did the same to the other one behind Lynn. The wind blew the Ghastlys to the other side of the room and somehow gotten them slightly frozen and fazed. She ran to that side and, while keeping a slight distance, kept blowing another powder snow attack at them, to make sure they couldn't get up.

    As she was positive that the Ghastlys were out for the time being, she then began to help with the Spiritomb by attacking it also with a snowy gust of wind.

    The Spiritomb was getting a weaker and weaker from the many attacks that were aimed at it. Nam kept blowing snowy gust of wind, taking small breathers in between. Nam then took a deep breath and looked at the Spiritomb. It looked as if it was at the verge of fainting and that one more attack can finally push it into exhaustion.

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