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    Ok, here's my SU. Please let me know if there are any parts I need to change.

    Name: Christian Davidson
    Nickname: Chris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Specie: Neko

    Appearance: Chris stands at 6' tall and weighs 185 lbs. He has short brown hair that always appears spiked up, when you can see it. He has an athletic build and is always active. He wears black jeans, black workboots, and a white t-shirt. On colder days, he can be seen wearing a black hoodie that zips up the front. When wearing this, he is prone to putting his hood up to hide his face from others. He wears a necklace with an ornament of a small dreadlocked guy running, a small hatchet in his hand. He has a ring on his right ring finger. Its a class ring with a blood red stone in the center. The name on the ring (if you get to look at it) is not his, but someone else's. He gets very uncomfortable if you ask why that is.

    Personality: Recently, he has closed himself off from others, only speaking when spoken to. He will always welcome others to be near him, but will never show it. It may take some time to earn his trust, but once you do, you have an ally and friend for life. He is always ready to help out his friends with any task, whether he can actually accomplish this or not. He always appears calm and collected, but if you get him mad, RUN! It'll take some time alone for him to calm back down. Coupled with that, however, is a sense of justice and fair play. If he sees something wrong (e.g., someone getting picked on) and no one intervenes for them, he will take a stand, regardless of the consequences. He had been beaten up a few times for this, but he had also won a few times. In order to get stronger, he usually is seen in the gym, either pounding the punching bags in human form or working on his agility in youkai form.

    History: Chris' mother, a 31 year old college student, went with her friends to Japan for Spring Break. During her time there, she met a man who hid from her the fact that he was a Neko. They spent a lot of time "behind closed doors" and wanted to continue their relationship. She planned on coming back to Japan after she graduated so they could get married. There was, however, one small complication: she turned up pregnant with Chris. Soon after Chris was born, she tried to contact the man that she was going to marry about their son. He disappeared, never to be seen again.

    Being raised by a single mother, Chris grew up among humans and was having a great time with them. He spent time in school and even went to taekwondo classes after watching a TV show that he enjoyed: something about five teenagers in different colorful costumes fighting and defeating these weird-looking monsters. Chris loved everything about his life...until high school. A senior was tormenting a newer student, causing the student to cry. Chris stood up to defend the kid and made arrangements to meet the senior after-school. When the time came, Chris and the senior (whose name was Martin) went head to head. Other students were surrounding them, cheering them both on, going back and forth on who would win. Chris was on the losing end at first, until Martin said something about making Chris' mom his b**** so he could beat Chris up all the time. Chris was furious and spun around with another attack, causing Martin to scream.

    Blood was pouring out of his hand as it was revealed that one of his fingers was cut off. Chris, in numbed shock, looked to his own hand and saw that he had claws. Even worse, they were covered in blood. Soon, the crowd screamed and quickly dispersed, a few kids gathering around Martin and his injury. Chris saw a class ring on the ground and pocketed it before he took off. He ran straight home and told his mom what had happened, but she didn't believe him. The one person he trusted and she didn't believe him? With a heavy heart, he packed up what he had and ran away from home. He hid himself away from everyone, living on the streets until he was discovered by some Japanese guy in a suit. They talked for a bit and as Chris revealed what had happened to him and why he was on the streets, the guy seemed to believe him. He told Chris about the Youkai Academy, which would help him develop control. Chris consented to letting the man drive him to the academy. Soon, they arrived and as Chris was walking away from the car, he turned to look back. He was surprised that the guy was part cat. He drove off, leaving Chris alone in front of the doors. Soon after registering himself, where he found out he was called a Neko, he was ready to face the task of being alone in a new place.

    Weakness: He has a likening for shiny objects. Anything he sees that is shiny, he will want to find out what it is. He will also take it if the object is not near the owner. If the owner wants the item back, he will give it back, though he will be kinda unhappy to do it.

    Other: He has an iPod that he listens to from time to time. He listens mainly to rock and metal, though he also likes ICP and Limp Bizkit.

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