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Shadow Adler
Shadow walked carefully round the forest, Nip however ran around joyfully he seemed stronger after his battle. Every now and then Nip would stop, he was looking for a battle, or perhaps looking for a friend? The only time Shadow could tell is the serious look in his eyes when he saw a pokemon. They found some bug types, Caterpie, Sewaddle, Weedle, and a Spinarak. But Nip jumped too soon, and the pokemon fled. And by now Nip was restless, he had a taste of battling and wanted more.
"What is it Nip?" Shadow asked when Nip stopped in his tracks, and he seemed quite interested in a bush. He slowly knelt down to the ground near Nip, if Nip did find a pokemon he did't want to scare it away. But after 5 minuets of waiting by the bush with nothing, Shadow stood up. Nip refused to move. "Really Nip, is there something in the bush?" Shadow asked, Nip replied with a small cry. Shadow went down to the bush again and placed his hand in, at first he couldn't find anything, but trusting Nip Shadow felt around the bush till he found something. He had a look at the object in his hands, it was a rock with what looked like a leaf on it, Shadow wasn't too big on items so wasn't sure what it was. But placed it in his pocket, regretting not having a bag. "Maybe you aren't so daft Nip, who knows that could be really useful" Shadow said patting Nip on the head who jumped into Shadow's arms "Don't worry we will find a battle soon, ok?" Shadow said smiling at Nip who decided to stay in Shadow's arms. Who knows maybe there where some trainers here?

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