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Delta Mayor -
- Warsaw, Poland
"Plane, helicopter, it iz all same sing," he chuckled.

“Uh, okay…” Delta didn’t like the sound of that, a plane was one thing but a small helicopter was another thing. She hoped that the Atlantean United Project had supplied Misha with a personal pilot for this so-called helicopter. The passenger seat was now comfortable enough that Delta was able to relax, but not so much that it showed she completely trusted the large man next to her. She had been to Warsaw many times before and she knew the way they were going wasn’t toward any official airport, uneasiness started to settle in as they kept driving. Misha musical taste was almost as bad as his choices in books, he yammered on about some shade of grey books and the ever so famous Twilight Saga. She was far from interested in these topics; books bored her and this music made her want to go deaf as soon as possible.

"And here iz my prekrasnyy chariot," Misha stated, he seemed in awe as if this thing was the love of his life. Once again Delta didn’t like the sound of this and the way he said “my” made it seemed like there wasn’t a pilot. She watched as curious people that stopped to check out the aircraft left as they saw the duo, more so Misha, approaching it.

"After you, please," Misha said before he ushered Delta into the helicopter where there was no pilot sitting in the pilot’s seat.

“Why isn’t there a pilot? Please tell me you’ve had your license for more than a month!” Delta voice teemed with worry, she tightly closed her eyes and gripped the seat hoping the ride would be over soon.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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