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    Originally Posted by GameZero View Post
    ["This suggestion is already made in form of Berry Orchard"]

    aside from berry orchard,can get a random reward like item,pokemon,gold etc..
    Hmm, I think that Berry Orchard is enough. Random rewards are good to create gameplay variations, but some players don't like because these rewards are achieved by luck, no skill, and to get some ones that you want you need to keep trying over and over, so I don't make a vast use of this feature. Even the Orchard I probable change to give more berries each time in a future version.

    Originally Posted by Crimson0191 View Post
    its a very small screen, I cant get it be full screen, and it kinda bugs me -.-

    also, theres a few English spelling mistakes, but that's understandable, considering its a Portuguese game.

    Also I can't grasp the controls. Is it possible to make them optional?
    Alt+Enter. I probable put a 960x640 screen option.

    In moment there people revising the text for correcting these mistakes.

    You are talking about allowing the player to set the controls? You can do this pressing F1, but is a little limited and confused. Maybe I can do this for the 1.2 or 2.0, but this can mess with some game icons (like the F5 registered item).
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