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    Chrome felt the atmosphere change as he stood before the Gym Leader of Nova City, Lita. She sat on her Leader's Throne looking down at him.

    Marie opted to rest after finally catching the water Pokemon necessary to challenge Lita. Chrome, not exerting too much of his energy, decided that now was a better time than any to challenge Lita.

    Lita's gym wasn't as simple of a challenge as Marie made it seem. Upon entering, Chrome immediately noticed that the gym was a lot bigger on the inside that it seemed on the outside. The floor of the building was lowered past ground level in order to accommodate the terrain and rocky hills that were added. Chrome assumed that it was there for the ambiance, but he soon learned that it had it's meaning.

    The first hour or so in the gym was spent battling lesser trainers. It was a bunch of understudies of the leader, all with one or two Pokemon of their own. Low-level Pokemon which were easy to handle with his Azurill, like Geodude and Diglett. Though it was a bit of a hassle to battle them, he gained experience that he needed with Azurill. They started to build a better understanding with each other. That was always a plus. Though Chrome wasn't particularly excited to be here when he could be at home browsing the internet or watching TV.

    Standing before Lita brought about a different feeling for him. He didn't notice it at first, but as she stared him down, his body twitched. A rush of nervousness took hold of his body. After a brief moment, he was back to normal. Finally, she spoke.

    LITA: Yo! Finally! Someone made it to me!

    Gym Leader Lita jumped from the Rock-based seat. A full view of her body exposed various tattoos, only cut off by the tank-top she wore. Her red hair was draped by a tight-fitting black skull cap. Her clothing decisions complimented her lazy, laid-back demeanor.

    LITA: I've been, like, waiting forever for someone to reach me! I don't even remember how many days ago the last person I battled got here. What's your name?

    CHROME: Oh, my name is Chrome.

    LITA: Well, hello Chrome. If you were just a little older, I might consider skipping this battle and making a man out of you.

    Chrome felt his nervousness elevate once again. This time, he was red with embarrassment.


    LITA: Don't be so stiff, kid, I was only kidding! Besides, how old are you?

    CHROME: Um, I'm fifteen.

    LITA: Ohhh, 3 more years.

    Lita licked her lips. Chrome's heartbeat was erratic.

    LITA: It's so cute to see you break. Makes me want to do it more. Alas, we've got a battle to conduct, don't you think?

    Chrome snapped to attention happily. He would've done anything to get away from that awkward conversation.

    LITA: Is this your first gym battle?

    CHROME: Yes, ma'am.

    LITA: Ohhh, such a gentleman too. Well, allow me to explain the rules of a Gym Battle to you. With my subordinates, they aren't allowed to carry more than two Pokemon when going against you. When you've beat enough of them, you go up against me. As per my gym's rules, I will use three of my Pokemon against three of your Pokemon.

    Conveniently enough, that was all that Chrome had.

    LITA: The Pokemon are interchangeable at any point during the battle. However, to prevent any long-term injuries or death, when your Pokemon has fainted, they can't be drawn out again. The battle is over once all three Pokemon has fainted. If you win, you will receive the Terra Badge, one of the eight badges needed to challenge the Elite Four and receive a chance to become champion of the Pokemon League. Do you understand all of this?

    CHROME: All clear.

    Chrome felt like he was reading the Terms & Conditions of Pokemon. Though he listened to the key issues, he most certainly dazed on most of the stuff. He definitely didn't want to hear it again though.

    LITA: Well, let's do this. It's time to Rock 'n Roll!

    Chrome couldn't help but feel like that was a pun. Probably a double pun considering her Punk rock appearance.

    LITA: Come on out, Cranidos!

    CHROME: Azurill!

    LITA: Ohhh, how disappointing! I expected something a little more manly from my handsome man!

    Chrome really couldn't handle all of this not-so-subtle flirting from Gym Leader Lita.

    CHROME: Azurill, use Bubble!

    Azurill was quick to execute. Unfortunately, Cranidos proved to be much too fast and dodged the attack with relative ease.

    LITA: Cranidos, use Rock Tomb!

    Suddenly, the short-handed Pokemon picked up rocks and threw them towards the young Azurill. Azurill dodged the rocks one by one as they came. It wasn't long, however, before Chrome realized what Lita was doing. Cranidos was literally creating a rock tomb for Azurill. She had Azurill purposely dodge as to fall into the tomb.

    Chrome wasn't about to let that happen.

    CHROME: Azurill, get out of that circle of rocks! It's a trap!

    Azurill heeded to the advice well.

    LITA: Just where I want you! Cranidos, use Headbutt!

    As Azurill jumped, Cranidos had his target suspended in midair. It made Azurill unable to dodge. The move was a direct hit. Azurill fell back towards Chrome.

    CHROME: Hey, Azurill, are you alright?

    Chrome's tone was rather mellow. Though the battle was tough, he couldn't say that he felt the intensity in the moment as much as he thought he would. Even so, Azurill responded vigorously. He wasn't trying to lose to a rock-type. Chrome noticed his dedication. Though, he was pretty sure that Lita would try that tactic again. Maybe he could use it to his advantage.

    CHROME: Azurill, Tackle!

    LITA: Cranidos, Headbutt!

    This time, the Headbutt only knocked Azurill back a little. It was still enough to execute another Rock Tomb.

    LITA: Rock Tomb!

    CHROME: Get out of that circle!

    Azurill complied with the request again. Though it was a little confused, it followed Chrome's order without a second thought.

    LITA: Here we go again! Cranidos, Headbutt!

    Chrome had the perfect set-up.

    CHROME: Azurill, use Water Gun!

    Cranidos, charging at Azurill at full speed, was unable to dodge the move. At its launch, the two pokemon were mere inches away from each other. The move connected without a single problem. It was a critical hit.

    The combination of the blunt force of the Water Gun and the hard fall to the rocky ground immediately rendered the Cranidos unconscious. Lita returned him to his pokeball.

    LITA: Pretty good. Split-second thinking and recklessness has never made me feel so good!

    Chrome felt like that was innuendo.

    LITA: Come on out, Lunatone!

    Now, this felt a bit weird. Chrome didn't take any time to check his PokeDex on this one. He was right to. Lunatone wasn't just a rock-type. He was a Rock/Psychic-type. To add, fatigue clearly set in with Azurill. He battled through the entire gym up until now and he was visibly tired after launching that Water Gun.

    LITA: Lunatone, launch a Psychic attack!

    Azurill would find that dodging was pointless. He could feel Lunatone's grasp on him before being violently flung across the field. Once Lunatone loosened his grip, it was obvious that Azurill fainted.

    LITA: You can't imagine how many trainers used to come in here with some random water Pokemon that they caught. Every time they did it, I would just let them breeze past my first Pokemon. Give 'em a sense of confidence, y'know? But I'll let you know now. It's going to take more than weaknesses to beat a Gym Leader.

    For the first time in this battle, Chrome started to feel the intensity.
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