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Okay guys we've had enough. You guys constantly questioning the moderators decisions and stressing them out is terrible behaviour from all of you. Honestly I'm sick of seeing that you guys are constantly questioning auth, we chose the ones we chose for a reason, because they are good at what they do.

We've discussed it, and if you have a legitimate concern with a moderator/driver OR their actions PM either Wolf or me - do not complain about it to the moderators or the chat. Either respect the moderators decisions - all of which try their hardest to make the chat a friendly place for everyone. Don't bother going to the server if you want to cause trouble, start drama, troll, get annoyed over not getting auth, etc. It's as simple as that, if you're trying to ruin others fun then just stop because there's no point.

Quit it; the bad chat environment, the questioning moderators or we will punish you.

If you have a SERIOUS issue tell us. I'm so over hearing this constantly and you guys as community users should act better on your own server, because it's what you make of it, and right now you guys are making it a circus.

It's not fair that server staff have to stress over you guys because you keep misbehaving. From now on if you guys do start questioning their decisions they can and will mute you, because collectively we are all over it. Start behaving, or we'll crack down harder than you can ever imagine.

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