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That being said, this is coming fromy myself as well as Michonne/Jellicent. We apologize for letting it go as far as it went.

To be more specific...we have trouble in dealing with situations in which our friends pretty much the central issue of the problem (or at least, contribute to it). Were it some random troll or the likes, this would've never happened. It becomes a very stressful situation, because at the same time, we worry about the punishment affecting the friendship. However, today has demonstrated that letting our "friends" go and do what they want is clearly unacceptable behavior, and after some discussion with Wolf (and some motivating words!) we're going to try our best to be the auth that want to actually be for the server. We're going to start actually treating everyone equally, and no one gets special treatment just because they're our friends, or we know them, or things like that.

Initially, we had this because we were too lenient. We were too nice. We gave our friends the benefit of a doubt, so to speak, because we figure that they would know better out of everyone else to not disrupt the chat, or cause a scene, or anything like that. It seems that today, we were proven wrong, and we made a mistake to not punish those select people for it. And for that, we sincerely apologize, and I hope that you all accept our apology.

However, one thing we do not appreciate is being walked on. I personally feel the need to bring this up, even though Nica pretty much covered in prefect detail. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. And if we mods make mistakes, we apologize for it (heck, I apologized for my modchat earlier), but really, continuous harping on our decisions does not make you look like some kind of hero or savior of the users, or anything like that. In fact, it's quite the opposite--it makes you look bad, and it makes you look like you're beating an already dead horse that got put to rest already. Just quit it. We're humans too, we make mistakes, we aren't the best. We just try to make the chat the best that it can possibly be.

So I think today, we can all use this as a learning experience (especially Michonne and I) as to what to work on as far as our modding styles in the future. Rest assured that chances are, you probably won't ever see this happening again, and if something does go out of control, do report it to the moderators immediately (regardless of who it is, we have to deal with it. It's our job) so we can take care of it.

Thanks guys, and we're ever so proud as always to be part of the staff team here. Remember that everyone comes on the server to have fun, and no one really appreciates that fun being taken away. It certainly just won't do. I kind of felt like today has ruined a lot of people's nights/mornings, and honestly, that's just unacceptable.

So please, again, do not hesitate to come to us with any concern or questions. If we do make mistakes, or misunderstand, please bring it up to us (albeit privately, it does no good to cause a scene of it), and we'll rectify the situation immediately.

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