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Basically, we appreciate feedback, but not when the chat is derailed into a staff hate campaign. Let me repeat what Nica said using content from in this thread's first post:

Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
You may appeal any sort of disciplinary action or report power abuse by contacting Forever or Wolflare.
But due to recent events, we will be making this into a rule. We'd rather have staff feedback be private between Nica or I, than making constant rebuttals in the chat about the staff's actions. It causes too much drama and nothing good comes out of it when a civilized chat with Nica or I would have been more productive.

Anyway, in response to what specifically happened, I believe that it could have been handled better by the staff. But mistakes happen; not everyone makes the ideal decisions right on the spot every single time. We will use this as a learning experience, and I'll go over with the staff some more about situations like these and how to handle them. After all, our staff team is still very new. So, I apologize on the behalf of the staff for what happened, and I suggest that we move on from this incident and learn from it.

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