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    Originally Posted by DistantDreams View Post
    Where can i get HM Fly? and I finished the battle with the Keldeo girl and looking at the island place, where do I go? Cones are blocking both ways to somewhere.
    Go to Leroy's house in Lithopone City, Blare will give you the HM02.

    Originally Posted by vbb View Post
    Hey thanks a lot for all your work I really love this hack!
    I would like to ask you a few questions 1158, if you dont mind.

    How can I evolve these pokemon:
    1- Haunter
    2 - Shelmet
    3 - Graveler
    4 - Karrablast

    Thanks lot, once again! xD
    To evolve Haunter, level it up to Lv50 to evolve it, to evolve Shelmet, just make its level up to 35, and Karrablast will evolve at the same level, Graveler will evolve when leveled up with the happiness value at 220.

    Originally Posted by XThe-King View Post
    Where is the 5th gym leader? I have searched everywhere and can't find him or her!
    I think the 5th gym leader you mentioned is the 7th gym leader, don't try to find her, simply challenge the gym in Cedar City and then go to Cherry Villa to countinue.

    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    You can't yet. He said he might consider the idea of pokemon that evolve by trade evolve by level.
    Sorry, but I must say that you may misunderstood me, I just mean I didn't make those Pokemon able to evolve at Lv36, they'll evolve at higher level or evolve with other ways, sorry, but it seems that I must explain for this.
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