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Originally Posted by Krookodile777 View Post
How do I change my wifi appearance? Because the dumb NPC randomly forced me to look like a preschooler....
I think I know how to answer your question:

I know this is a Black/White Trainer Card but I'm explaining here. You see the part that says "PKMN Trainer"? If you tap it you can change your Trainer class sprite used in the Union Room, and presumably wi-fi too. The sprites you can use are different depending on gender, and are as follows:

Male players - Roughneck, Scientist, PKMN Ranger, PKMN Breeder, Youngster, Preschooler, Hiker, Ace Trainer.
Female players - Nurse, Scientist, PKMN Ranger, PKMN Breeder, Lass, Preschooler, Parasol Lady, Ace Trainer.

These Trainer classes are also used for the NPC fans who visit Join Avenue.
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