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Zaki Halithersis

Zaki sprinted quickly through the forest, somewhat annoyed. He had been watching the vicious woman's battle with, what seemed to be someone she knew, when a Pidgeot had hurtled at them from the sky and would have broken the backs of both Zaki and Bello had he not returned the Roserade and caught a branch a ways down the tree. The flying-type, whose trainer was near-by had succeeded in capturing Zaki unaware but had also angered the beedrill nesting nearby, resulting in a mass attack from the bugs.

It was part of that swarm that Zaki had been running from, the majority having gone after the other trainer and whilst he had seemingly lost them he knew that they were ferociously territorial and he wanted to be as far away from their territory as he could get. He stopped stopped to catch his breath and take note of his surroundings as another pokemon flew over his head rapidly in the direction of the mountains.

I should have bought a bigger flying type since Ryuu can't really carry me, oh well. Zaki continued on, walking carefully now as he spotted an inhabited cave not far to him.

It wasn't long until he had passed the cave and found a place to spend the night, it was a fairly large cave - not too far from the one he had sneaked past, but the entrance was a thin crack so it appeared that there wouldn't be much space behind it. Hell, it was luck Zaki himself event found it.
This is even better than my first cave, perfect and not likely to be found.


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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