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{Icontest - Pokémon}

Okay, time for some explanation - I'm bringing back icontest. I thought I'd do it sometime because I believe we can actually make this work. Making icons is relatively less time consuming and thus I believe that quite a lot of people can easily take a few minutes off from their lives and participate.
note to alexial&gav - I wanted to talk about it with you guys before going through with it but wished to get the thread up before 2nd May. And it is, pretty much, night time over here. So yeah, sorry that I went ahead without any discussion. ;___;

With that said, all you have to do is make an icon with 100x100 pixel as dimensions. Just make one, submit it here along with the stock used and you stand a chance to win an emblem. :3 Plus, ain't like the previous Icontest winners will not get anything. I have something in store for them as well. ;] Icon-making contests are terrific opportunities for veteran and beginner graphic artists alike to improve their graphic abilities so I urge everyone to participate without hesitation! You got plenty of time as well. 20 days to make an icon. The last ten days will consist of voting.


Make an icon with Pokémon as the theme. It doesn't have to center around a 'pokémon', per say, as you can have an icon with a character from the anime/manga in it as well.

eadline - May 20th, 2013

  • All entries must be 100x100 pixels.
  • You must post your original stock/render.
  • Limit: One entry per person.
  • Your entry must be relevant to the current theme.
  • You may edit your icons once you have posted them.
  • All entries must be made during the time period.
  • Remember, this is a graphic contest, no pixel art or mediums which are not graphic art.
  • Do not vote for yourself upon voting stages.