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Originally Posted by Lady Gunner View Post
So.. call me too late but... I finally have the time to watch S3 of MLP flutteryay!

I only just watched the first part of The Crystal Empire and the next part might wait out a little longer.
The Crystal Empire is a pretty good episode, it was one of the episodes that solidified the fact that Princess Cadance is my favorite Princess. <3

Originally Posted by Sajmon180 View Post
I have watched all three seasons, I really enjoy the show and I read a lot of fanfictions at, also I have an account there.
My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle and my favorite episode is Luna Eclipsed. Since this episode Princess Luna is my favorite Princess.
Welcome Sajmon! Lovely to see you here! I shall be adding to the list shortly. :) Luna Eclipsed was also a wonderful episode. I loved Luna in that episode tbh! <3

New topic for discussion! Where in Equestria would you live? (it could be anywhere in Equestria, you can even say "at Twilight's Library" or "the royal castle in Canterlot" etc.)

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