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Of Characters and Sheets
Name: Kingsley Barajas
Nickname: King... Yes, he's that eccentric :p
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Standing at 5ft 8 57⁄64inches, with a slightly tanned skin. He has a medium built, weight being around 17o lbs, making him not flat and neither fat. His head covered in messy, black hair. Light brown eyes, with a blue hoodie (with the word AWESOME! embossed in it), dark red jeans, and a pair of white sneakers with black stripes at the sides being his clothing.

He sports a black messenger bag where he carries whatever he needs. And a deep-sea-blue cap covering his head. More than an average amount of hair covering his body, making him rather.. "fluffy" as others would likely describe him. Reading glasses stored in his messenger bag, which he actually needs for more than just reading.

One would ask him to read something, no matter how close or far, and it would be near impossible for him to do that...

Personality: A little bit self-centered and somewhat obssessed with strategy. He will never hesitate to point out someone's flaws, or just plain tell them the truth, no matter how crude it can be. He likes to refer to this as just "being way too honest". Some people find it endearing. Afterr all, what kind of jerk would tell ypou you're not good at anything when he probably isn't better than you at that? Well, he does. But its' not because he's a jerk (although he sometimes seems like it). He likes to learn, both from flaws and rightly done things. He, however, has a hard time tolerating stuff that is done wrong, even if he does it wrong. He tends to over analyze, mostly trying to picture any scenarios that can come from his decisions. He, however, can only think of worst-case scenarios. Have you ever heard of someone thinking that catching a Pidgey could eventually lead to world domination? Well, now you have.

But as jerky as he can seem, he does seem to care for those who are close to him. He is just not a fan of showing affection, and, in fact, can seem rather coldhearted at times. This makes it hard for him to find friends, but when he does, he's set to remain friends with them for a really long way to go. He cares deeply for his parents, and would do anything needed to protect them.

Quite adventurous in spirit, but also lazy as a Slakoth. He thrives for adventure... as long as those adventures are less than a block of distance... It's been long since he's been itching for a good journey, and the chance of doing so in a distant island proves to be... exciting... but he'd rather spend his time watching some random TV shows if you ask him.

Team on arrival: Team MayhemMaxima, or just M&M for short, is how he describes his team. But unlike what one could think, it's composed entirely of females. So I guess you could say it's a rather fabulous team?

-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw
-Aerial Ace

Met as a Bagon when Kingsley dared venture into the farthest corners of Meteor Falls. On could say she's rather Sassy. She likes to play with her trainer, often bashing against him. Yes, he's been injured in the process, but Dyonisse has learned to control herself... Now the chances of him being injured by her are 1 of 2... and trust me, it's way better than before...

-Baton Pass
-Sunny Day

A gift from his mother upon leaving on a journey. She's been one of her closest companions ever since, the other one being Maxinne. She was captured by Kingsley's mother as a Ponyta when she live on the Kanto region. She's a Timid fella', but will never hesitate to protect her Trainer from danger.

-Nasty Plot
-Volt Tackle
-Rain Dance

Carefully bred by his mother when she was journeying the Sevii Islands. She's a rather Naughty one. She tends to play pranks on Kingsley, which will end up on him being angry and chasing her all around. Alas, she's proved to be one of Kingsley's closest companion, the other one being Apocalyptica.

Helping Hand
Scary Face

Received from a trade with a wandering Trainer. She hasn't adapted to Kingsley's ways in battle yet. And in fact, she seems to be rather reckless at times. Nonetheless, she's proved to be a great powerhouse in MayhemMaxima.

Lady Frost/Frosslass♀
Light Screen
Water Pulse

Found deep within Shoal Cave. A rather Careful gal'. She analyzes her opponet's every move, much like Kingsley does. They both have the facility of performing devastating combos when working together. If one were to ask him which Pokemon is his favorite during battle, he'll most likely say it's Lady Frost.

Earth Power
Hydro Pump
Stealth Rock

A gift from Professor Birch upon meeting in Littleroot Town. It's not exactly the prettiest female Pokemon you'll ever see. Hence her name, after all. She's rather Bold as a Pokemon, and will never hesitate to launch a fierce attack against any kind of foe. She's rather oblivious, and tends to get lost in thought during battle.
History: He was raised most of his life in Kanto, the original land. He however, found the region, as well as its Pokemon, to be quite dull to say the least. He wasn't very noticed in school, but that does't mean he was bullied or anything. His life, in fact, had been very normal... and boring.

He enjoyed playing around with his mother's Ponyta and Pichu, the only Pokemon she had left from her journey around Kanto and the Sevii Islands. She released everyone else, as she preferred them to be in the open land living their life, rather than trapped in Pokeballs, She decide to keep those two because she just knew her son would get along with them.

His father decided, on his sixteenth birthday, to give him a chance of journeying on a distant region, Hoenn. Kingsley seemed rather hesitant at first. After all, who would be there to protect them? But his father later convinced him that they would be okay.

And so, he set sail to a journey full of promises and excitement. He was told to stay with a friend of his father in Slateport City whenever he needed to. He did, and successfully gathered the eight badges of the region.

He, however, lost quite quickly in the annual league. He couldn't believe how strong all the Trainers in Ever Grande City were. And to think that he thought he would be stronger than them... He decide to return to Slateport, and to train even more. However, his father's friend was missing. People around town told him he had left to Mauville, to the Game corner, actually, but never reached the city, nor did he ever return.

Extensive search from authorities and him followed, but not a single trace of him was found. 1 week passed, and he received news from his mother's best friend in Kanto that both his parents had passed out, natural causes and all. He was heartbroken after hearing that. No longer did he have any family left, and he was all on his own now...

He retreated to Slateport... No longer knowing what he would do. And that's when he found the letter... Promising him a new adventure in a distant land. He decide to go, after all, what else could he do now?

Of Preparations and Departures
The letter was rather... short and somehow didn't explain a lot. He had a hard time struggling with watching his favorite show on TV or going to the island. After consulting with himself around 20 times, he tossed a coin so that the odds could decide for him. He was expecting tails, for that way he could just sleep the rest of his existence in a comfy bed. Unfortunately, the odds weren't really by his side...

He glanced in disappointment at the sight of a Heads. Oh well, he thought, as he began packing all he thought was needed during the journey.

And before heading to the docks, he decided to talk with the little Mayhems about what would await them. Something that could only be described as "apparently much of a big deal" in his own words. They all then headed simultaneously towards the ship that would lead them to a new chapter in Team MayhemMaxima's career, as well as Kingsley's life.

And that leads us to now...


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